Facial care
Benefit from our ongoing research into pharma-cosmetology® using active ingredient concentrations providing the highest percentages in the industry.
Body treatments
Granting visible and lasting results, this treatment is easy to carry out through is different approach. Treatment, results, happiness, pleasure: that is Aqua-Laure.
For men only
Make your life easier using our treatment line specially designed to meet the simplicity and versatility needs of today’s man.

Always Dare!

Since its creation, France Laure draws from the riches of botanical, marine and bio-elements to create products in perfect harmony with the skin. With its pharma-cosmeceuticals ® discoveries, the brand is innovative and offers balanced solutions to preserve the balance, tone and beauty of the body.

What is the key to France Laure’s success for over 40 years? Benefiting from the highest concentrations of active ingredients in the industry. This practice has two advantages for consumers: large laboratories allow France Laure to register the names of active ingredients, thus confirming their origin and concentration, in addition they allow the brand to transmit the results of their research - so every promise of France Laure accompanied by verified results.


Skin analysis
Define your skin type and discover which France Laure product are best for you!
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